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🍕 Pensions and Pizzas

Numble News #4

🤑 Director Pension Benefits

You can make employer contributions to a director pension directly from the business - this helps you and your business! Here's how it works.

For example: a £10,000 employer contribution for the year may reduce corporation tax by £1,900-£2,600 based on current rates.

Other featured updates to Numble Docs:

🎹 All About Music Advances

Wondering how to account for your music advance? Here's a simple guide:

Accounting for Advances in the Music Industry
If you receive a music advance, you’ll need to know how to account for it. This guide will explain everything you need to know.

🍕 How Many 22" Pizza Slices Can You Tackle?

We recently started working with the Bad Boy Pizza Society and decided to check out their pizza for ourselves.

We only managed a couple of slices each but if you're feeling brave go for their WHOLE 22" pizza! 💪

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