We're driven by three principles

Long term accounting for long term business people

When we sign up a new business, we expect to work with them for years, not months. We often put in a lot of early work to bring your accounting data up to our high standards. After all, we know we'll be working together for years.

Create more than we consume

If everyone in the world gives more than they receive, then we'd see a net increase in the world's combined wealth/happiness/love/insert-desired-outcome-here. So we always try to give more in services, advice and knowledge than we charge you in fees. It will come back around eventually.

We do everything to the best of our ability

Let's face it, if you're going to do something - do it right and make it easier to do next time. We are building the best accounting practice in the world, and we're going to bring it to everyone. We've got a long way to go but come join us on the journey.

About the founder


Hey – I’m Michael and I love getting to know businesses.

I started accounting at a hedge fund waaay back in 2005, before stints at telecommunication, investment banking and executive search businesses. During this period I rose from bookkeeper to finance director.

But I became disillusioned by big business. So I spent two years as a business consultant at a (now rival) accounting practice, working with startups in lots of different industries.

And I fell in love with the world of small business.

The life of a small business owner is intertwined with their work. With this comes a real passion and drive to create something special.

Eventually I had to set up my own accounting practice so I could work with these incredible people every single day.

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